FOOD DIARY : Plan B (Publika)

Hi guys, how was your September? Everything fine? Mine was good! I mostly spent my weekend catching up with my besties.

Me and Bella just got invited to our college-mate's party. They were hosting their daughter's first birthday party and it was awesome. I'm so in love with the decoration & food (for sure). A mermaid theme just perfect for her.

Back from the party, we then had nothing plan to do. Searching for a new hyped cafe to hang out.
So guys, this is literally what I search on google that day. Cafe hipster Kuala Lumpur
because I really had no idea where to lepak maa 😂

So after googled it, I choose to go to Wondermilk Publika, as I know they had a good cakes & cookies. But you know what, while we are queuing at the counter, I unintentionally turn back a bit and there is a classic look cafe that caught our eyes. We both then go straight away to that cafe. Finding out what cafe is this, and ohhhh it's Plan B! I thought Plan B only placed in Ipoh but yeahh they actually got two branch in KL. The other one is in Mid Valley. It tickled my feeling to try their food because I heard so many good reviews about it before.  
The interior just bring me back in 90's. And their crew too, so kind and cheerful. Psstt! We just had crush on one of their crew oh mai god! A tall plus Middle East look man that walk to our table like a model in their runway. So adorable! Plus his smile too. HAHA

They have too many fancy food that made us so confused to choose. (oh that's our habit anyway) And dessert too! You know how much I love dessert right?  

So we had their Signature Buttermilk Fried Chicken for main course and Banoffee Cakes for the dessert. As a caffeine addict, I ordered iced latte for me and iced chocolate for Bella because she's not a caffeine drinker.
Last week I went there AGAIN. But this time with my adik. I tried their salted egg spaghetti and adik had red velvet cake with hot latte. The taste is good but I would rate it 7 out of 10.

Overall rate is 8/10. The food is quite good and the place is so comfy, good to hang out with your family and friends.

By the way, me and my buddies are planning to have a semi annual gathering at the newly opened restaurant in Bangsar. I choose that place because it is an Instagram-worthy spot for us and hopefully they serve a good food too. Can't wait a lil bit more for that event. I'm too excited to meet them and that place obviously.

Will share with you guys soon on my next entry. But I think Instagram will see them first. So don't forget to follow me on Instagram here > Bring me to Hamizah's Instagram Feed or you may click the Instagram logo on the sidebar then you will be directed to my feed.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day!


  1. This one is Journal kan? I love this place. Pasta dia sedap2 and the cakes too. Publika is one of my favourite place to chill with my loved ones sebab situ memang banyak cafes and eateries. You can try The Red Beanbag, The Coffee Societe, Pan & Tamper or Swich cafe if you ever visit the place again.

    Plan B is under B.I.G so kalau sekadar nak lepak minum coffee you can try Plan B. Roasters dekat dalam B.I.G grocer tu. The coffee is really good!

    1. Auuwwhh thank you for the recommendation. Looking forward to try them all.


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