My Other Half

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It's been a long while since my last post. Dude, I really miss chatting here! My soul used to be here.

2011, reminiscing the good old time when I first start blogging. Now, it's already 10 years apart.


Last year was a nightmare for all of us. Pandemic Covid-19 hit globally.

Most of us are affected by this pandemic. We going thru a lot. Like, really really A LOT. Lost our family members, health affected, losing job. Struggle to survive, physically & mentally.

But, for me, besides all the tears, it is a good memory to all of us. 

Allah Maha Adil, Maha Pengasih

He takes one side, to give something way more better.

Since this pandemic, I've learnt a beautiful life story.

We learnt, to keep support each other, even to the stranger. We learnt, to always appreciate a healthy body, healthy lifestyle, healthy environment.

We learnt, to survive financially, during this very struggle period. Some of us explore new abilities, which we think it's impossible before. Startup new business, joining other multi level business. We become more creative, more stronger.

Apart from that, I've going to a new phase of my life. I found my other half. 

First time we met, my heart exploded! Bam! He is the one!

Till this moment, I'm still not believe how beautiful our story are. Can anyone slap me? Am I daydreaming?! Like. Unbelievable. How we met, how we get going, how we come across this decision. U know right, getting married isn't a simple thing. It is about LIFE.

Getting married is about, accepting a new norm in our life. Lifestyle will slightly change. Become a wife, is a commitment, is a responsibility. But nothing to scared of. Every day is a new phase. Every day we learn something new. 

I learn to become a better one, with someone besides me. 

Long story short, we get married on 15th September 2021. 

Since it's was held during MCO, we just went thru a normal wedding procedure. Intimate ceremony. Akad in JAWI. No kenduri kendara. Only wedding photoshoot with close family members.

Due to travel restriction during MCO, most of our family members can't be physically here. But it's ok. We've received overwhelm wishes and prayer from our family and friends. Thank you for your warmest prayer! Love xoxo!

To my amazing husband, who never ceased to amaze me. Thank you. Thank you for who you are, and all that you do. You are the best thing happened to me. I <3 u!

Whoever reading this, selitkan doa kalian buat kami okay. Doakan rumah tangga kami sakinah mawaddah barakah warahmah, till jannah...

I wish all of you in a good state of health, happy always, dan paling penting, sentiasa diberkati Allah swt!

Thank you for reading. Have a good day!