Getting pregnant? What should you do?

Assalamualaikum wbt. Hello! In this entry I nak share my pregnancy experience. Maybe could benefits other mommy to be. Especially for the first time mommy. And for my future reference as well. Mana tau kot kot dah lupa nanti.

Alhamdulillah. After almost 9 months after marriage, Allah send us this beautiful gift ever. It started when my menstrual period was due for few days. My period Alhamdulillah so far regular je, every month. So senang I trace. Actually before period due lagi I dah dapat the instict yang macam lain sikit. My breast a bit tender, and no pre mens pain like usually I dapat. Cuma I tak berani lagi nak test, sebab the breast tender tu like a bit confusing, sebab selalunya before period pun ada rasa breast tender jugak. 

And here we go, my period was already due, so I decided to get the pregnancy test from pharmacy. I beli the normal one (Dip n Tell) & digital (Clear Blue). Excited punya pasal. Berkotak-kotak ku beli. HAHA!

Balik je dari pharmacy, then I terus test. SOOOO FREAKIN NERVOUS! Macam buat covid test 😭 
And it turns out to be...... DOUBLE LINE. YES DOUBLE LINE! But I still lagi macam eh is it trueee? Or the test salah baca! Then I try pulak dekat digital one. And the result is still the same! 2-3 weeks pregnant. My body was shakinggg... Macam nak terus pergi peluk my husband. But he's working that time. So haruslah ya I bersabar. That night, before having our dinner together, I hug him & show the pregnancy test. Aaaaaa. Love that moment! 

I was soooo blur, what to do next? Ok my self test show +ve, then what should I do? I did some reading, mostly said no need to come to clinic so early. If scan pun takut tak nampak, wasting your $$ je. So I waited until 5 weeks, I dah really tak sabar dah. Go to clinic to scan & confirm my pregnancy, tup tup they said still early. They ask to come back in 3 weeks. Alahaii... 

3 weeks after, I went to Dr Alyna clinic @ Wangsa Maju. Before scan, got short interview with Dr. She ask about my last date of period, is my period cycle is regular or not. And a few lagi questions, I cannot recall dah. Then she ask me to lay down on the bed, and did the scan. Awwww. I can see the kantung there. Dr advise me to wait until 12 weeks baru buka buku pink.

So within the period, me & husband discuss, nak buka buku pink dekat mana. Here are some factors to consider when deciding where to get your pregnancy checkup;

Government (Klinik Kesihatan)
  • Time - Macam biasa any government agencies, long queue/ waiting time itu sesuatu yg wajib. Well normal lah, bukan u sorang rakyat Malaysia kan. 
  • Costing - FREE (Only paid RM1 for first time registration)
  • Checkup procedure - Checkup yg lengkap & detail (termasuk check kesihatan gigi sekali tau)
  • Acceptability - Buku pink accepted at any hospitals (government & private)
Private Clinic
  • Time - Shorter waiting time (If time is your big concern, then go for private clinic)
  • Costing - If u have extra budget, can consider private (I ada baca & ask some of my friends, around RM100 - RM200 / visit). Depending on the treatment, medicine/supplement, scan. Normal lah, nama pun private kan, every treatment, mesti ada charge. 
  • Checkup procedure - Depends on clinic, ada yang lengkap/detail, maybe ada yg kurang detail. Need to do some research & baca review ok.
  • Acceptability - Consider juga, where u want to deliver later. If u nak bersalin dekat government hospital, check dulu that clinic punya buku pink accepted tak by government hospital. Ni penting tau. Bcs they want to know your health progress. For you & your baby safety juga nanti
After taking some consideration, we decided to go to KK. I go to Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur (Titiwangsa). U go to your nearest KK okie mommies. 

I ada share step untuk buka buku pink di KK in my next entry. CARA BUKA BUKU PINK

Ohh mommies, here are some reminder for you, if you are currently preggy;
  • Sepanjang pregnancy, u have to carry your buku pink everywhere u go. Buku pink ibarat your IC during your pregnancy. Penting sangat tau.
  • If you tak sihat & need to visit to any clinic pun, please bring along your buku pink.
  • Make sure ambil pemakanan yg sihat & seimbang (Kurangkan manis, lebihkan makan buah & sayuran)
  • Make sure jangan tinggal supplement (my experience, I still makan folic acid until 12 weeks, during 1st appointment, nurse bagi another supplement, obimin. Once I dah 12 weeks, I have to stop taking folic acid & start ambil obimin)
  • Don't simply ambil any medication tanpa rujukan doctor/ pharmacist. Not all medicine are suitable for pregnant mommies (Walaupun sekadar ubat sakit tekak, ubat batuk or etc. Please seek advise from doctor / pharmacist)
  • Teruk mana alahan u, don't ever skip meals. Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • During pregnancy ni, macam-macam sakit boleh datang. Ada yg mudah kena gastric, kencing manis (we call GDM), so kena always hati-hati ok.
  • No worries mommies, struggle ni sementara saja okie.
Ok sampai sini saja sharing I untuk this entry. I akan share banyak lagi experience I during pregnancy, in separate entry. So that tak terlalu panjang post ni. Feel free to read ok. 

Thank you for reading. Have a good day!