About Me

Why Mija?
Mija is a special name for me. There's a story behind it. But I'll keep it secret ;)

5 years background in accounting field, yet currently still in this industry.

While doing my 9-5 job, I run a business. Official distributor for Mamasab Bakery, and also became a trainer at the same time.

I am a master trainer for those who love doing business (find me on my business profile - Instagram: Hamizah Zakaria)

Yah! This is me, who really love adventure!

Love, Mija is my online journal, where I share the things I love.

Beauty, food and my random life story.

Blogging since 2011

Facebook : Hamizah Zakaria
Instagram : @hamizah_zakaria

Contact: miezah360@gmail.com