The struggle of being introvert

For someone who knows me really well, they will agree to claims that I'm an introvert.

I enjoy being alone, scrolling Instagram and of course living in the crowd would make me tooooo annoyed. Large crowds are stifling. I'd much rather converse with someone through private message, Whats-app or email, because getting on the phone with someone makes all kind of nervous and about 50,000 shades of awkward. Babe, let me confide you. This is a very honest confession I tell you, anyone who ever contacted me through a phone call, I'll basically just ignore them or pretending that I'm in rush for some event or apa apa jelah alasan yang munasabah. So, siapa rasa macam terkena tu, I AM REALLY SORRY! I didn't meant it. It just that I AM AN INTROVERT bro.

"The part of your brain that makes you look down at your phone when someone is walking in your direction" is TOTALLY TRUE

Being a quiet person is just sucking me. I'm not that friendly in real life, I swear that! But if you ever reach me on Whats-app or private message, you'll notice how cheerful I am. Kalau tak percaya, lets chat now ;)


Even I'm hanging out with my besties, I basically enjoyed that crazy time with them, but when it comes to the me-and-only-you-moments, I'm totally suck. Like apa aku nak borak ni? Macam mana nak buka cerita eh? Banyak je yang aku nak cakap dengan dia ni tapi macam mana ek? *maka lajulah otak si hamizah ni berfikir nak susun ayat bagai*. No one can feel that struggles unless you are introvert. Trust me.

And you know, everyday is a new chapter in our life. I try to find the good value of being introvert. Being introvert doesn't even making your life bad, but believe me setiap manusia punya harga diri yang tersendiri, no matter you introvert or extrovert. Masing-masing punya kelebihan dan kekurangan. Enjoy your strength and the way you handle your weakness is just making you different from others. So guys, let's get a cup of coffee and chill.

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