Parents Visit

Eid Adha + New house

My parents came down for a month to celebrate Eid Adha with me and my both brothers. We stay at my lovely aunt's house and we took them jalan-jalan around KL, do shopping, bring them to their wishlist restaurant. Its always nice to see and spend time with our parents.

This year Eid Adha was really meant to me as I seldomly celebrate it with my parents since I'm in college.
 I choose cotton kurung match with soft pink shawl for my raya outfit

Family bonding

Took them to Genting Highland for the first time. Mama Abah was very happy.... until we all dah penat pusing-pusing around Genting. Had Tealive, then head back to KL. We had mee tarik for lunch, hands down! It super yummy but man I forgot to snap it guys  -_-
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Never too much  for Tealive. The only boba drink I interested in
My love hate relationship <3 <3 <3
Mak long cravings have  been satisfied. Musang King is the king of durian! You guys should watch our Musang King vlog at my bro's Youtube channel

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Look at my brother's <3 Cute isn't it? LOL

We are moving

We moved to a new house on first weekend of August. So that is the other main reason of my parents visit. They are so excited about the preparation. What to buy, the furniture arrangement, mom's planning for our meal prep, Alhamdulillah, blessed to have a good + caring parents.

Moving to a new empty house needs a lot of sacrifice. Money + time + energy. All starts from zero. Buying new furniture, home appliance & house decoration, my head is $ick $$$

or am I just overthinking?
Since I am on budget, I innovate my meja jepun to be my smol vanity table.
 Late night coffee, lepak lepak with my parents and brothers. We do love coffee as much as we love each other *wink*
I can't believe my self. I only had sashimi for my dinner. Like only sashimi? Really???
 Found this while unpacking my stuff. The photo was taken on May last year. Do you like this KPOP filter? HAHA

Convocation anniversary

How time flies. Two years before, we're so happy that it finally a wrap up for our struggle. Work in industry & earn our own money. Deep inside, I missed my college life freaking much. I miss my fweeeenn. Guys! Did you hear me?
Believe it or not. Bella and me pernah gaduh sampai kita tak lepak sama for about a years. It's just a misunderstanding, but we took it serious (biasalah emosi perempuan >_<) But now, trust me she's been my very best gurlfren and we love each other like a loving couple. HAHA
Show off my slim body. After loosing 15 pound gaiss! Buttt Urghh I gained a lot lately. Need to get this body back.
Irfan with his duck face. And the girls just being photoready

And that's it! Spent a really long time with my parents and now they're back to hometown already. I'm writing this entry alone in the bed and my homesick symptoms seem coming to me now. Making a phone call with mom later in a bit so gonna wrap this up now.