The Farm Foodcraft

Happy new year!

Well I guess I have a fresh start for 2020. A lot of good things happens so far and I'm feeling blessed. Another big goals to achieve this year.
  • Financially stable
  • Spend more time with family
  • Eat healthier
  • Save more and spend less
  • Consistent with skin care routine
Remember on my previous entry me and friends were going to have our gathering at the new restaurant in Bangsar? It's been a while since we last met, so I decided to bring them to somewhere special. It's The Farm Foodcraft


What I love about The Farm Foodcraft is their pleasant & soothing ambience. Feeling cozy and calm with the smell of fresh flowers. Not to forget, their good staff service. It's full house that day but the staff still gives their best treatment to the customers.

We request indoor table with a comfortable seat because we got preggy mom on board (obviously not the girl in this picture la. She haven't married yet loh haha)

How about the food?

Had Crab Risotto for my lunch. Nice risotto but a little bit salty for me
Forgot to snap their nasi kerabu. From my point of view, I do not suggest you to order nasi kerabu. That is not the real nasi kerabu that we usually had, but if you are okay with the healthy version of nasi kerabu, then you may give it a try.

But guys, I love their Wild Truffle Mushroom Soup. Sedap gila! Overall rate for their food is 4 out of 5. As you can see from the menu, the choice is very limited. They should add more menu choice so we can enjoy variety of food.
Happy faces
Remembered being extra chatty that day spoke about the randomest things
Reminiscing the good old days with these funky folks.
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How time flies. One of us has got married. And many more to come. In sha Allah
Hello to the two single lady 😜
Me and my friends had a very wonderful time! Sometimes I feel so lucky and grateful to have friends like them since day one and until more years to come. I wish to see similar faces when our hair gets grey and our faces get wrinkles even we are miles far away.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day!