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Holla! Harini I nak cerita 1 dessert yang I paling in love!
As a dessert lover, I memang suka cakes and choc. Boleh katakan once in a month memang akan cari cakes. Hehe

Mamasab Bakery

Look. So tempting right?

Sejak dari first time I try this cake, I terus zap! So yummy! This cake totally different from any red velvet cakes I've tried before. So I wonder lah why it tastes different, like a premium cake gitu. But the price is totally affordable.

Jom kenali lebih detail tentang RVFN (Red Velvet Full Nutella)

As per their name, Red Velvet Full Nutella, which is topping dia memang menggunakan 100% original nutella, tanpa campuran any bahan lain, coz some bakers outside, untuk cut their cost, they will mix with other ingredients (eg: butter, oil, chocolate powder, etc.)

Texture base kek adalah jenis velvet/ baldu, not so moist & not so hard. It's in between.

Diatas lapisan kek, di topping dengan adunan special cream cheese. Why I said special, is bcoz it's made by their own special secret recipe. It give a premium taste that complete the whole cakes.

Plus! It is handmade by their team bakers. Omg! This is bonus u know. Some large bakery will produce their cakes by machine, to cater load of volume. But no for Mamasab Bakery. So you will feel human touch gitu, sambil you menikmati kelazatan kek tu hehe 

❤ Size avaliable ❤

Size 7 inch : RM 50
Size 10 inch : RM 90

Size 7 inch (double deck) : RM100

Delivery area : Malaysia (Except Sabah & Sarawak)

Note: We do accept bulk orders (for corporate & personal) too. Kindly contact me for more details.

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